The metal years. Analogue dreams…part Three.

In the midst of all things Substance the majority of the members had side projects, one a ska band and the other a folk, harmony group, which was essentially the members of Substance minus the rhythm section. As a consequence ,I was knocking about at a bit of a loose end during this time but a chance encounter with an old friend on a night out in the pub was to open another chapter in my recording ‘career’.I joined a metal band. We were a three piece called Blue Phoenix (and then Reever) with Dave Barrett (guitar/vocals) and Purcy(drums) and, rather predictably me on bass! I joined this band fully expecting to play nothing but covers and whilst we did indeed play covers I was to find that Dave had also been busy knocking together the blueprints for an album. We got together in 2009 but by January 2010 Dave and I started to knock his demos into shape and I got in contact with my old band mate Poggy to get into his home studio and get together and start laying down the songs.Dave left me his demos (on tape i should add!) some with bass ideas and some without and I started writing and messing around adding basslines and grooves. Percy added drums and before we knew it we had eight originals.

The band

Again, I returned to the wilds of Kildare and we started recording in the summer of 2010. Now, life is an odd thing and we all have someone or something that gets away from us, be it a lover or an opportunity, the stars don’t align or the time just isn’t right and things don’t work out the way you thought they should. Well dear readers, this album is one of them and let me tell you that I still regret that this didn’t come together.

Why the regret? Well Dave was/ is an excellent writer of riffs and one of the juiciest lead players I ever played with. His understanding of rhythm and dynamics was a joy to behold. Purcy drums with heart, soul and infectious happiness and even though we could all argue a point we really enjoyed playing together and for a three piece we rocked hard and heavy. The songs were great: Bar Dancer(Guns N Roses swagger),Adrenaline(crazy fast thrash), Serpentine(melodic metal, see link below), Wolfs Blood (chugging riffs), Regression (progressive metal), Lost Cause (all groove), an untitled song that had a Steve Harris tribute solo and the epic Hulk, so called because it had a piano coda that we thought had a similar vibe to the The Hulk TV series of the 1970s.

Bass and Brotherhood

Alas, this album was never mixed as we ran out of money and all that remains are unfinished songs. Both Dave and I clashed over decisions and directions that were being made by all of us during the recording. However, Dave would always speak his mind and then move on, he never held it against you that you disagreed with his point of view, an admirable quality at the best of times. So, even though our album was never released we can all still sit around and have a pint, talking shite about bands or whatever takes our fancy. I got to know the two men better and for that alone I will always look back fondly on the gigs and time we spent together recording.

    • beatthemtodeathwiththeirownshoes
    • March 28th, 2013

    Any links to the music? I’d like to listen know I know the story.

  1. I hadn’t thought about leaving up a few links. I will do soon and thanks for replying.

  2. Sounds like there was a real maturity amongst musicians in this band. I wouldn’t leave things there. I’d find a way to get back there to finish that. The tracks have great names and you’re very descriptive of their sound. Find a way!

    • There was a maturity, although at times we did fight like cats and dogs. You just want us to record it because of your fondness for The Hulk!

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