And now the end is near. Analogue Dreams… Part Four

Where was I? Oh yes the metal years and the unreleased album. What could go wrong next? It wasn’t like I was going to record an instrumental album in folk rock obsessed Ireland was it? Yeah, of course I did. Regrets? Not at all. So, we come to an album ‘The Lateral Line’. It is a familiar tale by now, feck all money, feck all time and a recording in the middle of nowhere in a county called Kildare. Oh, and a musician by the name of Barry Whyte. Barry is a true virtuoso and all round good guy and is the only musician I have played with that has a seven string guitar. The year is 2011, Barry and I get together with Eric and lay down tracks with Leo, Leo is in the middle of renovating an old house and it is in the sitting room of said house that we set up and get about to business. Five songs are recorded in a live situation (harking back to my first recording in 1995) they are: Egbert Returns (swinging tune with an early Pink Floyd type moniker), Dee(a beauty of a laid back song), Till We Meet Again (a real Manchester vibe, there is a sample below), The Walker (The Police meets Red Hot Chilli Peppers in a Satriani soundscape) and The Good Old Boy (flat picking country).Added together with The Lateral Line and Not in This World we have seven songs and only one left to put down, called The Lizard King, and we will have an album. We are a marketing dream. We are in our thirties (the wrong side by the way), we are playing instrumental music and the music has a metal edge. we should be topping the charts (are there charts anymore?) Why has it taken so long? Life, that is why. Family and jobs is why. Age is why. But I can tell you this, I am so proud to be part of this album, to play with great musicians and to have a say in the process of putting it altogether. No regrets!

Barry Whyte

I have been thinking of late, why am I writing all this, and by this I mean a trip through my discography. Well, firstly I want to record the experiences I have had. I want to say this is what I have done playing music. Secondly, I just want to have some small corner in the world to show all the effort and time I and the musicians I have played with have put into playing and recording. Thirdly, there is a large part of me that realises that all the albums I thought I would make are now probably never going to happen and that these blog posts are, in a very real way a requiem for a dream. But in another very real way the posts are also a celebration of the journey and a letting go.Why? Well so i can open up the next chapter and record the albums I am going to record,free of the shadows cast by the lost ones I never have. I am aware that there is one constant in all the recordings and that is me. I have to realise that maybe the reason I haven’t had the best experience recording is this: I never really paid that much attention to my playing and my sound, I forgot to let myself be the player that I can be. After I left my last band, I lost a whole network and I thought I wouldn’t find another but I quickly realised that I was wrong.Music is about people and as long as you put yourself out there you will meet other people to play with. I am going to take a Sophists view, this has been all about the journey rather than the destination.One last thing, to all the musicians I have played with I just wanted to say thanks it has been a privilege and an honour. I sincerely hope you enjoyed playing with me as much as I have with you.

  1. I loved all four pieces. They tell of a great journey. They try to put into words something about music that’s not so easy to express. I love your passion for music. Plato once said “music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.” You’ve expressed some of that secret place in these posts.

    • Emma
    • April 11th, 2013

    I want to hear that album. Barry has form as a talented gentleman, much like yourself. Also; if I dont see you soon, I’m gonna hurt myself.

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