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The Middle Block

The Middle Block

Fag-ashes mess would heave with loss and love
the patrons were my kinfolk, my clan
some would say our dreams were small
but we had each other all the same.
The line between love and hate was as thin
as the window pane that kept the night out
when darkness crept over the roofs
we’d huddle inside, four to a bedroom.

Breath would kiss the cold air
leaving a faint trace of the life from which it came
moonlight on linoleum and Morpheus singing
to the midnight children and the visions they weave.
All the while the streetlight kept watch
His cycloptic eye looking for the lost ones
waiting for sorrowful Thanatos to show his face
all played out upon the evergiving Gaia.

She was the great womb of the world
the mother of us all, she heard us laugh,
held us when we wept
and listened to our whispered hopes.
Her plains like great arms cradling her children,
her tribe, her short grass people.
On her serene flatlands the sky looked endless
stretching onward to Heaven itself.