Beasley Street

John Cooper Clarke. The Bard of Salford at his best. It never ceases to amaze me the ways in which England manages to produce voices that are vital and individual. They have that sharp eye and mind that seems to effortlessly conjoin politics and society, I just love it. JCC means so much to so many. Some of the comments on YouTube foreground the importance of words and poetry and the many ways that it can express the inexpressible and aliviate the pain. One poster says ‘These are the streets I live on and that are still there, the new world never happened for me’, another replied ‘me too, I never got another job after she shut the pits’. JCC was about before punk but he flourished and shaped the scene. The first time I came across him was on a documentary by the late Tony Wilson (a man that deserves so much credit for introducing new worlds to the masses) on Channel 4 in 1991. Another poster made the following comment: ‘still here, still fighting’ aren’t we all?

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